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Fr Mai 24 12:13:06 CEST 2019

Dear FoME-colleagues,

Media outlets around the world face enormous difficulties in delivering quality reporting while staying financially afloat. Traditional business models are collapsing and the focus is often on the problems. 

DW Akdemie would like to focus on the solutions: What can news media do to be more viable? What can we learn from success stories? And, what can media development actors do to support media viability around the world?

Our new discussion paper "More than Money! Rethinking Media Viability in the Digital Age" presents DW Akademie's Media Viability Model. We argue that what is needed is a broader view of media viability, one that looks beyond the money. We strongly believe that: 

Media Viability is more than money!

The model looks at five dimensions: Economics, Politics, Content, Technology, and the Community — and three levels: media organizations, networks, and the overall framework. 

Developed with international media practitioners, DW Akademie's Media Viability Model suggests concrete dimensions and aspects crucial for media viability. It enables media practitioners, media development implementers, donors, and media policy actors to do more effective, needs-oriented, and sustainable work. It sets the framework for designing improved media development approaches and project strategies in the field of media viability. It helps to analyze and assess the complex concept of media viability, and thus gain a more detailed understanding of the shortcomings and potentials of particular media systems. And, it aims to broaden the horizon of the international debate, hopefully contributing to a common understanding and joint, cross-regional efforts.

We're looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

Best regards,

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