[FoME] New Pew research report: Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Economies

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Fr Mär 22 16:18:43 CET 2019

Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Economies
Publics see mobile phones and social media bringing certain benefits to
them and their societies. But these views are paired with widespread
concerns about their impact on children
A new Pew Research Center report analyzes public attitudes and
experiences related to mobile technologies in 11 emerging economies –
Vietnam, Jordan, Tunisia, Colombia, Kenya, Lebanon, South Africa,
Mexico, Philippines, India, Venezuela) -  including the benefits and
challenges that digital connectivity brings to people's lives and
societies. Explore the rates
 of social media platform and messaging app usage in these nations.
(Source. Pew Research Centre, Newsletter 22.03.2019)
A Short Summary is available on the website:
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