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(from GIJN webpage)Bridging the Gap: Rebuilding Citizen Trust in the
MediaBy Anya Schiffrin, Beatrice Santa-Wood, Susanna De Martino, Ellen
Hume and Nicole Pope

Media trust, credibility and echo chambers have been a key subject of
discussion in 2017. We understand now how trust in media and other
institutions can be destroyed. What’s not clear is how to bring it back
once it’s gone.
Journalists in many countries are experimenting with how to build trust
and engage with audiences, and our report examines their efforts. In our
study, Bridging the Gap: Rebuilding Citizen Trust in the Media
, commissioned by the Open Society Foundation’s Program on Independent
, we profile organizations that  are working to build bridges with their
readers, viewers and listeners and deliver relevant news to local
We surveyed 17 organizations and conducted interviews with
representatives of 15 organizations, one of which chose to remain
anonymous. Among others we spoke to Chequeado in Argentina, GroundUp in
South Africa, Raseef 22 in the Middle East, 263 Chat in Zimbabwe,
Krautreporter and Correct!v in Germany, as well as Bristol Cable in the
UK. The report also includes an annotated bibliography of academic
studies on media trust and media literacy and a list of ongoing
initiatives as well as sidebars on past efforts to boost media
The full report is available here
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