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Dear colleagues,   


the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of the GLOBAL MEDIA JOURNAL - GermanEdition is out now.  

You can findall articles open-access here http://globalmediajournal.de/en/(http://www.globalmediajournal.de/en) 


	OlenaDemchenko: Teaching Journalism inUkraine: Between Formal and Non-Formal Education  
	    ChristinaSchumann: Is Topic Fatigue anInternational Problem? Four Theses  
	    Ferenc Gaál: “Invasion der Migranten” –Framing von Flucht und Migration in der ungarischen Regierungskommunikation vordem Referendum 2016  


Book Reviews 

	Sarah Jurkiewich: Bloggingin Beirut (Sarah El-Richani ) 
	 Liriam Sponholz:     Hatespeach in den Medien (Christine Horz)  
	Aktham Suliman:   Krieg und Chaos in Nahost (Sabine Schiffer) 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for feedback. 

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