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IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board) is seeking quotes from qualified respondents to provide technical assistance in the design and implementation of a media audience study in Syria. The study will be a follow-on to a survey conducted in October 2017 with the dual purpose of measuring change in key program indicators and improving understanding of media audience consumption habits and perceptions of media outlets. The study will include two components: 1. A quantitative media audience survey consisting of at least 800 interviews 2. in-depth semi-structured interviews with a smaller sample of media audience members. Interested consultants or firms are invited to submit a proposal for only one or both components of the research. 

Proposal Due Date: April 16, 2018
Anticipated Award Date: April 24, 2018

Research Objectives
The main objective of the media audience research will be to measure the change in Syria Media Audience Research program indicators from the baseline established in October 2017. In addition, results from the survey will be used to support learning about audiences of media partners to inform IREX’s strategy and interventions and to inform media partner programming decisions.

Research Questions and sub-questions
• What are the media consumption habits of Syrians (e.g. how long to they listen/view media, what programs do they listen to, and when)?
· What media platforms and media do Syrians listen to or view?
· What programs at specific media stations do they listen to or view?
· How do they get their media/news (youTube, facebook, radio, TV, website)?
· What topics or types of content are Syrians most interested in?
· How long do they listen/view their preferred news sources?
· What are audience profiles for different stations and media sources?

• What are Syrian attitudes towards media stations?
· Why do people listen to media stations?
· Why do Syrians trust or not trust media stations?
· Do Syrians perceive stations as objective or credible and why?
· Do Syrians perceive stations as promoting tolerance, dialogue, and peaceful co-existence and why?

Research methods
Survey – Surveys will be done through face-to-face interviews, consist of primarily close-ended questions, and not take more than 15-20 minutes. The survey will include most locations included in the baseline survey with some changes, to be determined in consultation with NEA/AC. These include potentially adding a fourth province, Raqqa, and the district Afrin. The sample should include at least 800 respondents. We also anticipate using the same or a similar sampling methodology as the one developed for the baseline.

Interviews - Semi-structured in-depth interviews will be employed to gather primary data from media audience members. Interviews will generate insights into target group media preferences and habits, and provide time to probe on reasons behind key insights, ideas, and action. The researcher(s) will work with IREX to develop the scope and methodology for these interviews.
1. Draft narrative report in MS word for feedback and comments from IREX and NEA
2. Final narrative report in MS word that addresses comments and feedback provided
3. Final powerpoint slides highlighting key findings, conclusions, and recommendations
4. Survey questionnaire in English and Arabic, interview guide and data collection protocols
5. Raw data and tabulated results
6. Field procedure plan (includes field protocols, data management logistics, quality assurance and control measures, etc.)
7. Enumerator training curriculum

The researcher(s) will conduct the research according to a work plan and budget to be agreed upon prior to start. The researcher(s) will be responsible for:
• developing a proposed work plan and budget;
• recruiting, hiring, and training enumerators as necessary;
• developing a sampling plan and questionnaire in collaboration with an independent media audience expert consultant (to be hired by IREX)
• conducting the research in accordance with the pre-agreed work plan and budget (includes a small pilot);
• Potentially participating in a training of data collectors in Turkey;
• Monitoring data quality and addressing quality issues as they arise;
• processing and addressing comments on data collection instruments and narrative report
• timely delivery of the deliverables in accordance with the agreed specifications;
Responsibilities of IREX include:
• supporting the researchers with contacting key stakeholders (NEA, media partners, IREX field team) for input and feedback on data collection instruments and sampling plans
• additional reviews of the sampling methodology and survey questionnaire by an independent media audience expert
• Ensuring timely payment in agreed amounts to the researchers
• Ensuring compliance with NEA requirements
• Reviewing deliverables submitted and providing inputs to the tools and research report
Duration and Schedule
The research—including research design, implementation, and reporting—should not take more than 4 months starting as soon as possible. All research will be conducted based on a detailed work plan and taking into account the budget available.

Proposal Submission and selection
Person(s) interested in providing this service must demonstrate:
· substantial and proven experience with media audience research
· knowledge of the Syrian context
· ability to adjust smoothly to changing situations and able to value active involvement of stakeholders and their engagement;
· proven experience in report writing;

Interested researchers are invited to send a technical proposal, time frame, and detailed budget in USD (max 5 pages). The technical proposal should include information on the proposed recruitment and training of data collectors, the data collection tools (i.e. mobile technology is preferred ), safety and security considerations for data collectors. The estimated budget should have sufficient detail to determine the price elements.

In addition, researchers are requested to submit:
· Curriculum Vitae or portfolio clearly presenting experience in conducting research (and if available a report to share as sample)
· References to two to three previous clients
· Resume(s) of key staff that will be assigned to the project

If you are interested in furnishing this service, please e-mail the technical proposal and additional documents to cguedenet at irex.org. 


Charles Guedenet
Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning Advisor

cguedenet at irex.org | 202 628 8188 x340

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