[FoME] Call for Proposals: Storytelling for Refuge/Storytelling as Refuge

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*Call for Proposals*
*Storytelling for Refuge/Storytelling as Refuge*

*George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling*
*University of South Wales, Cardiff*

We are delighted to announce that the George Ewart Evans Centre for
Storytelling will present a two-day symposium on the theme of
‘Storytelling for Refuge/Storytelling as Refuge’. Following on from
our two most recent symposia, looking at themes of justice and place
respectively, this year’s symposium explores an important cross section
of these themes: storytelling as a means of creating awareness of
refugee and migrant issues, as well as its ability to provide moments of
refuge in the midst of chaotic events. In a world where migration and
refugees are constant talking points in political and cultural spheres,
story and storytelling take on crucial roles in crafting and shaping
narratives around migration and refuge. But story can also act /as
/refuge; as a sanctuary for the lost, for the wanderer, and those who
seek spaces of literal or metaphorical peace.

This symposium invites explorations of these or related themes. Others
may want to think of connected themes of storytelling and diaspora,
storytelling as a means of escape, storytelling as shelter or sanctuary.
We aim to inspire, encourage and showcase exciting projects across a
wide spectrum of storytelling activity. The two-day event takes place on

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th April 2017 in The Atrium, University of
South Wales, Adam St, Cardiff, CF24 2FN.

Call for proposals: The symposium will feature keynote speakers,
provocations, Q and A sessions paper presentations, and performances. We
would like to provide an opportunity to our wide range of attendees i.e.
storytellers, practitioners, researchers, community workers, youth
workers and students to present either an academic or process paper,
propose a panel, or run a workshop session. Selected presentations will
be scheduled on Friday 6th April 2016. Each paper or talk will be
allocated 20 minutes; panel discussions and workshops will be allocated
1 hour. We are seeking critical and analytical considerations of
grounded work in the field. We are particularly interested in hearing
from cultural workers involved with immigrant communities, refugee
centres and/or education centres with high immigrant populations.

If you would like to contribute please submit an abstract of no more
than 300 words by Monday, 15th January, 2018 clearly marking whether you
are proposing a panel discussion, paper, or workshop etc. Please send
completed abstracts to denis.cryer-lennon at southwales.ac.uk by Monday,
15th January, 2018. We will notify successful contributors by Wednesday,
7th February, 2018. If there is anything you would like to discuss
further please get in touch with Denis Cryer-Lennon via email on
denis.cryer-lennon at southwales.ac.uk.

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