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 Dear colleagues,

DW  Akademie is pleased to announce the publication of a new study entitled  “Audience Research in Media Development” (edited by Dennis Reineck,  Laura Schneider and Chrstioph Spurk). 
The  study deals with the concept and functions of audience research in the  context of media development, maps recent developments in the field and  presents three case studies conducted by DW Akademie and its affiliates.  

The case studies are at the heart of the  publication, testing innovative methods and aiming to spark further  research in newly arising topical and methodological areas of media  development. Each project is directly related to an ongoing DW Akademie  media development project. The first case study addresses the  measurement of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) of young media users  aged 12 to 16 years in the Palestinian Territories (West Bank). The  second focuses on the impact of radio broadcasts on women and land  rights (station: Nam Lolwe) in Kenya. It was designed as a  quasi-experiment, comparing listeners of the radio stations to potential  listeners and non-listeners. The third study examines the social media  strategies of two community radio stations (Granada Stereo and Contacto  10) in Colombia. It uses focus groups, a survey, and digital analytics  methods. Results and lessons learned of all three case studies are  presented in the publication.  

It can be found here:

Research  of media audiences has long been on the agendas of stations and  publishers alike, eager to find out more about their reach as well as  the wants and the needs of their target groups. Though audience research  has also been part of the toolbox of media development organizations  for some time, it was only when focus in international development  shifted from producing outputs to effecting impact that research of  media viewing, listening and reading gained the importance for media  development it has today.  DW Akademie itself is in the process of  enlarging its monitoring and evaluation toolbox by applying dedicated  audience research approaches to its work. The authors of this  publication look forward to discussing their methods and results with  other media development actors.

Audience research was also the main theme of a FoME sympsium three years ago:  http://fome.info/events/symposium-2014

This year's symposium is entitled "Power Shifts - Media Freedom and the Internet"  
The registration deadline is this Friday, November 10th, 20:00 CET.


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