[FoME] CfA: Funding for investigative cross-border research in Eastern Europe, Application Deadline: April 16th, 2017

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Mi Mär 29 15:34:57 CEST 2017

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, n-ost schreibt aktuell die Förderung von
Investigativrecherchen im Rahmen unseres BMZ-finanzierten Projektes
/n-vestigate/ aus. Wir würden uns über die Weiterverbreitung freuen.
Herzliche Grüße Annika Gläser --**



Did you ever feel like your investigation was limited by language,
geographical borders or a lack of contacts abroad?

If you are a critically thinking journalist, who works with
investigative methodsand is interested in becoming part of an
international network ofcollaboratingcolleagues, you can now apply with
your story idea!

We support your cross border investigative story with up to 2.500 Euro,
legal consultation, tailor-made workshops and international networking.
Journalists from the following countries can apply: Armenia, Georgia,
Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia and theEU.

Stories need to be related to at least one of the following
countries:Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.

Topics with a focus on environmental issuesare particularly welcome.

All detailsabout how to apply you will find on the following pages.

Deadline for your application <https://goo.gl/forms/XgayfTSc7s3TcjsC3>is
April 16th, 2017!

***www.n-vestigate.net **

*Spread the word**: * *EN:*
http://www.n-ost.org/17-n-vestigate#Apply%20now! *RU:



n-vestigateaims to foster national and transnational investigative
journalism within and between the aforementioned countries,the goal
being to establish a transnational networkwhich more deeply
anchorsinvestigative journalismwithin each country's respective society.
We aim to support the production of relevant and accessible media
contributionsas well as to establish strong relationships
betweenjournalists, representatives ofmedia outlets, media lawyers
andFoI activists.

n-vestigateis a project by n-ost <http://www.n-ost.org>(Berlin) in
association with hetq <http://hetq.am/eng/>Armenia, Liberali
<http://liberali.ge/>Georgia, RISE Moldova <http://www.rise.md>and RDPI
<https://irrp.org.ua/>Ukraine,<http://liberali.ge/>financed by the
GermanFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development


Skilled investigative journalistsfrom Armenia, Georgia, Moldova,
Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia andEU countries can apply either as
a team or as an individual with theiridea for a team
investigation.Reporters who are experienced with Freedom of Information
requests, data journalism and cross border collaboration are especially
welcome. A good command of either Russianor Englishis required.

It is an advantage if you apply as an already existing cross border
team. If you get selected as an individual, we will support you with
finding partners.

Basis for our decision is that you have a good idea for an investigative
cross border story and aplan how to realize your in-depth research. At
least one of the concerned countries shall be Armenia, Georgia, Moldova
orUkraine. We particularly welcomestories with focus on environmental


Submit your application in English or Russian using the following
questionnaire until April 16th, 2017: https://goo.gl/forms/XgayfTSc7s3TcjsC3

We will select the teams and stories in a two-step procedure:

1. Shortlist: The jury will choose ca. 15 stories. Your story is one of
them? That means you will have one month from now to get the
investigation started and find more details in order to convince the
jury that your investigation will be a success.

2. Final selection: The jury will choose up to 9 stories to be funded.

If you are among those journalists who passed the final selection, you
will become member of the n-vestigatenetwork, which involves media
lawyers, Freedom of Information experts, social media activists, media
representatives and investigative journalists. The network provides
consultation & help in all phases of your investigation. Your
investigation will be supervisedby a distinguished investigativejournalist.

n-vestigateoffers financial supportfor your research expenses and fair
honoraria (altogether up to 2.500 Euro per team) as well as support for
visualization, translation and legal screening. You can also receive
extra support for meeting with your team colleagues in order to get your
team collaboration started.

Our understanding of the investigative process goes beyond the
publicationitself. Investigative stories matter for society, so they
need to be read. That’s why we put emphasis on storytelling and

Some of the investigative stories are going to be part of a larger
advocacy campaignin cooperation with NGOs, social media activists, etc.
If your story gets selected for campaigning, we will pitch it to NGOs,
that might start parallel research and campaign planning. This part is
not a mandatory element of the n-vestigate program.

In October your team will be invited to the obligatoryn-vestigateAnnual
Meetingin Odessa. Here you willmeet the other members of the n-vestigate
network. Parts of the event will be just among the group of reporters;
here you will create a visualization for your story and work on
storytelling and publication strategies. In the framework of the Annual
Meeting of our network we provide tailor-made workshopsto improve your
project. Those teams whose stories are part of advocacy campaigns will
meet with the campaigners. Other parts of the meeting will be devoted to
collaboration & discussion with other experts of the network.

We expect journalists to attend the Annual Meeting and cooperate
actively within the n-vestigatenetwork throughout the year.

n-vestigatejournalists are eligible to get support for individual
international networking(participation in international events related
to investigative journalism, i.e. conferences, trainings, etc.).

TIME LINE 2017 / 2018

April 16th...................Application deadline

May 1st......................Announcement of shortlisted stories

May 31st....................Deadline for preliminary research

June (2nd half)............Announcement of final selection

Sept. 31st...................Your investigation should be completed

October(2nd half).......Annual Meeting

January 31st................Deadline for publishing your story


For more informationplease visit www.n-vestigate.net
<http://www.n-vestigate.net>, or contact one of the

Armenia: Kristine AgalaryanGeorgia: Lika Zakashvilikristine.a at hetq.am
<mailto:kristine.a at hetq.am>          zakashvili at gmail.com
<mailto:zakashvili at gmail.com>

Moldova: Inna CivirjicUkraine: Kateryna Ivanovainnareporter at gmail.com
<mailto:innareporter at gmail.com>  katrya.ivanova at gmail.com
<mailto:katrya.ivanova at gmail.com>

Russia: Anastasia DrozdovaOther countries:Annika
Glaesernasta.drozdova at gmail.com<mailto:nasta.drozdova at gmail.com>glaeser at n-ost.org
<mailto:glaeser at n-ost.org>*

Annika Gläser
Projektkoordinatorin / Project Coordinator

n-ost -- Netzwerk für Osteuropa-Berichterstattung / Network for Reporting on Eastern Europe
Alexandrinenstr. 2-3 (Aufgang C)
D-10969 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30-259 32 83-23
F: +49 (0)30-259 32 83-24
E: glaeser at n-ost.org




The Network for Reporting on Eastern Europe is
- an agency producing journalistic content from and on Eastern Europe.
- a network linking journalists, experts and media initiatives from around 40 European countries.
- a media policy NGO strengthening quality journalism and foreign reporting. 

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