[FoME] Inflection point. A study of Latin American digital media entrepeneurs

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Fr Jul 28 14:46:19 CEST 2017

Inflection point: impact, threats, and sustainability. A study of Latin
American digital media entrepeneurs
Sembra Media / Omidyar Network, 2017, 68 p.

Versión en español: "Punto de inflexión - impacto, amenazas y
sustentabilidad. Estudio de emprendedores de medios digitales

>From the executive summary:
This study is the first comprehensive examination of the impact these
entrepreneurs are having, the risks they face, and whether a viable
business model has emerged for quality, independent, digital journalism.
To conduct this research, SembraMedia, with the support of Omidyar
Network, commissioned a team to study 100 digital news startups, 25 each
in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.
Many of the researchers were entrepreneurial journalists themselves,
and they brought personal connections and a deep understanding of the
media in their countries. In 2-hour interviews with founders or
directors, they asked more than 130 questions about management and
innovation, challenges and opportunities, audience size and engagement,
income and expenses.
This report is aimed at helping the founders of digital media startups
better understand the trends, threats, and best practices that affect
them. It is also designed to help investors, foundations, and journalism
organizations to appreciate the value, vulnerability, and impact of this
fast-growing media ecosystem. Although we cannot share their proprietary
data, we’ve included our top-level findings in this report.

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