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IDEAS guide: innovating, designing, evaluating and applying to
small-scale projects. A guide for media and communication projects
By Jessica Noske-Turner, Heather Horst and Jo Tacchi
RMIT University, 2016
>From the introduction (p.5):
"The IDEAS Guide is for organisations and people who are doing small
media and communication projects. It is designed to cater for a range of
different skill levels in evaluation. It is ideal for project managers
and team members responsible for reporting and evaluation, as well as
any other participants who are interested in evaluation. The IDEAS Guide
leads you through the process of designing a project, and thinking about
the project’s evaluation. The guide is focused on how to do useful
evaluation for learning and continual project improvement. To achieve
this, it is important to think about the evaluation of the project as
you design it, and to learn from evaluation during the implementation of
the project. Focusing on what you can learn by carrying out a project is
especially important when the project idea is new and innovative."
In addition, a facilitator's guide is available which "provides
briefing notes on how you, as a facilitator, can support small-grant
recipients to use the IDEAS Guide to clarify their project design, and
to plan and manage their evaluation."

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