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"New paths for Independent Journalism"
8 December 2017
Expert talks, 10-3pm
Europäisches Haus
Unter den Linden 78, 10117 Berlin


Dear FOME,

we gladly invite you to our expert talks on Turkey, hosted and  
organized by Martina Michels, MEP, GUE/NGL (European United Left -  
Nordic Green Left ) - in cooperation with the European Centre for  
Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF).

Languages: EN, DE, TR

10.00 Opening: Martina Michels; MEP Frank Piplat, director of the  
„Europäisches Haus“

10.15 Keynote: European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)

10:45	1. Expert Talk: Turkey - Can Twitter and Facebook rescue  
independent journalism?

On the basis of examples from the past two years, the role of FB,  
Twitter and YouTube as platforms for independent journalism in Turkey  
will be illuminated. The panelists discuss the conditions under which  
these intermediaries provide access to free information, whether there  
have been indications of prevailing blocking of government-critical  
content through the networks and in which cases content has been  
blocked or access to entire platforms has been blocked. The aim is to  
ex- amine whether European legislation at the national and  
supranational level could and should help to support the publication  
via social media.

Moderation: Martin Hoffmann, EIJC/ECPMF
Speakers: Engin Önder (Founder and director of "140journos",  
Social-Media-Journalismplatform), Zeynep Erdim (correspondent for  
BBC-Türkey) & Prof. Mine Gencel Beck (Universität Siegen, earlier  
Department of Journalism, Faculty of Communication, Ankara University,  

12:15	Break Lunch: Soup and bread served by the Kulturkantine

13:15	2. Expert Talk: Journalists between resistance and exile - Free  
reporting within and outside Turkey

Because of ongoing threats, many journalists are forced to leave  
Turkey. What options are still available for independent coverage in  
the country? What are possible forms of access to independent  
information? What situation are journalists facing who are still on  
the ground? Abroad, new “exile” media outlets are being founded, like  
the German-Turkish Özgürüz. Journalists in Exile also work for  
traditional media. What opportunities and challenges has reporting  
whilst in exile? How does cooperation work between (German) media and  
correspondents on the ground? What problems face journalists who fled  
Turkey in the EU? What measurements should be taken in order to  
support exiled journalists?

Moderation: Nora Wehofsits/ECPMF
Speakers: Ali Celikkan (taz gazete), Mustafa Kuleli (TGS Journos Union  
Turkey), Seda Serdar (Head of the Turkish Service, Deutsche Welle),  
Zübeyde Sari (Reporter Özgürüz, Turkey)

For REGISTRATION and information:

e-mail: martina.michels at ep.europa.eu - subject: Registration New Paths  
for Independent Journalism?
Detailed and updated information at: www.dielinke-europa.eu


In cooperation with "Neues Deutschland" (nd), Martina Michels, MEP,  
also invites you to the "Europasalon"

taking place the same day, from 5-7pm, at Rosa-Luxembourg-Foundation.  
Franz-Mehring-Platz 1,10243 Berlin (Building of the  

5-7pm: „Europäischer Salon 2“ Panel Discussion: Journalism caught in  
between repression and insurrection.

Moderation: Katja Herzberg
Speakers: Martina Michels (MEP/LINKE), Dr. Lutz Kinkel (managing  
director ECPMF), Hanna Ongjerth (journalist), Christoph Links  

from 7:30pm: Get Together “Café Sibylle”, Karl-Marx-Allee 72, 10243  
Berlin. Hosted by Martina Michels (MEP) . With musical numbers by ‚Der  
singende Tresen‘

For REGISTRATION and information:

e-mail: martina.michels at ep.europa.eu - subject: Registration New Paths  
for Independent Journalism?
Detailed and updated information at: www.dielinke-europa.eu

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin.


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