[FoME] DW Akademie, new briefing paper "Media development in regions of conflict, transitional countries, and closed societies" by Nadine Jurrat

Jan Lublinski jan.lublinski at dw.com
Di Sep 13 16:46:39 CEST 2016

Dear colleagues,

I'd like to point you to a new DW Akademie briefing paper written by 
Nadine Jurrat:

"Media development in regions of conflict, transitional countries, and 
closed societies" 

Publication date is September 2016, and it can be downloaded at

The 20-page briefing paper explores the role that independent media and 
journalists can play in circumstances where people’s very survival may 
rely upon reliable information about conflicting factions, violence or 
rescue efforts. It outlines the specific challenges of undertaking media 
development in countries of conflict and transition and summarizes why 
media development in such regions is nonetheless vitally important. The 
briefing paper also details concrete media development strategies 
successfully used in such regions at both local and regional levels by a 
range of international media development agencies. 

This topic will also be discussed at the next FOME Symposium, 3rd-4th 
November 2016,  "Observer, Agitator, Target: Media and Media Assistance in 
Fragile Contexts.

DW Akademie, in cooperation with MeCoDEM, will host the session "Facing 
ethical dilemmas: Journalists and media development actors in conflict 
societies" on Friday 4th November.

Dr. Jan Lublinski
Head, Research and Evaluation
DW Akademie
T +49.228.429 22 81
jan.lublinski at dw.com

DW Akademie is Germany's leading organization for international media 
development. Across the world, we support the development of free and 
transparent media and quality journalism and also offer programs to boost 
media skills.

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