[FoME] New study: Using digital innovation to foster Article 19 in the Global South

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Do Mär 17 14:13:36 CET 2016

New study: Using digital innovation to foster Article 19 in the Global 
The Research and Evaluation department of DW Akademie is excited to 
announce the publication of their latest research study ‘Advancing Freedom 
of Expression: Using digital innovation to foster Article 19 in the Global 
South’. It offers a fresh perspective on how digital technologies are 
being used in projects across Africa, Asia and Latin America to strengthen 
freedom of expression and access to information. 
The study provides insight into the work of 16 diverse media projects 
which are working in a wide range of areas such as government data release 
in Argentina, citizen health journalism in South Africa and corruption 
reporting within maternal health services in Northern India. All of these 
projects use a variety of tools and technologies in order to reach their 
audiences. These extend from using crowdsourcing, independent journalism 
and visualization to collate information to using social media, audio 
portal software and mobile phones to reach users. Each project uses a 
unique mix of methodologies and technologies to ensure that they are 
meeting the needs of their audiences. 
The authors also provide a thorough review of the current literature and 
thoughts on the role of digital technologies in media development and 
suggest a new model for media development.  They have identified four 
functions that media development needs to be addressing in order to 
achieve Article 19:
1.       Creating a public sphere, 
2.       Supporting participation and inclusion,
3.       Providing access to information, and 
4.       Holding those in power accountable.
You can read more about fostering Article 19 through digital innovation on 
#mediadev. You can explore the background to the study and read the online 
PDF’s of the study here: 
As a next step DW Akademie is in the process of developing a Digital 
Innovation Library that will showcase the projects highlighted in the 
study and will be a platform for learning more about their specific 
activities, and hearing from them directly. Additional projects can also 
be added and shared in the future. So if you know of any interesting 
digital projects in the Global South that are trying to achieve any of the 
four functions of media development mentioned above then please let us 
know about them. The library will be online shortly so keep an eye out for 

Best wishes,

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