[FoME] Akademie beta -- DW Akademie´s digital strategy

Petra Berner petra.berner at dw.com
Di Jul 26 13:32:37 CEST 2016

Dear collegues!
Our fundamental belief is that the right to freedom of expression can only 
be realized when all people are able to freely, independently and 
confidently communicate online, not just offline. As such, the digital 
world requires us to rethink freedom of expression.

Therefore we developed a digital strategy in dialogue with our partners. 
This digital strategy "Akademie beta" commits to enabling people to freely 
communicate in the digital realm and skillfully navigate digital 

You can find the outline here:
(german version)

How are we approaching the digital transformation?
We will focus on what we do best, and on the needs of our partners and the 
people in our focus regions. For the next three years, our goals are:

1. Self-determined communication. People in our focus countries can use 
digital media independently and competently.
2. Media landscapes of quality. Our partners look to the future of their 
digital markets.
3. Visionary education. Universities, institutions and journalism schools 
train digital media professionals.
4. Digital rights. Our partners make a difference in shaping Internet 
5. Innovative dialogue: People use digital tools and platforms to create 
new public spheres.

We are not yet finished. "Akademie beta" is a dynamic process. We will 
transparently continue this journey in dialogue with you, with our 
partners. Let's keep our communication open. 

Petra Berner

PS: One of our main platforms for dialogue is #mediadev, where we share 
and discuss ideas, experiences and research about freedom of expression, 
media development and digital transformation.  

Petra Berner 
Leitung Strategie und Beratung
Head Strategy and Consulting Service
Deutsche Welle
DW Akademie
53110 Bonn
T +49.228.429-2981
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M +49.173.7003480

petra.berner at dw.com


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