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Steffen Leidel steffen.leidel at dw.com
Mi Apr 20 08:31:57 CEST 2016

Dear FoME Community,

DW Akademie is pleased to announce the launch of its new Digital Innovation Library website http://akademie.dw.com/innovationlibrary We are inviting visitors to explore the site and learn more about the variety of work that projects are implementing across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America to strengthen freedom of expression and access to information using digital technologies. This website is an offspring of our latest research study ‘Advancing Freedom of Expression: Using digital innovation to foster Article 19 in the Global South’ (http://www.dw.com/en/dw-akademie/digital-innovation-study/s-32581)

The Digital Innovation Library is an interactive platform designed to showcase the wide range of exciting digital activities that are taking place across the Global South to challenge some of the issues prominent in media development, such as supporting participation and inclusion, or holding to account. The user is able to browse the site in two ways: they can use the ‘Discover’ section, using an interactive feature, to get an overview of what approaches, technologies, topics or functions of media development are being used by different projects; or the ‘Thematic Search’ section to get background information on each of the categories above and identify what projects are doing in these different areas. Each project featured in the library has an accompanying factsheet, photo gallery and ‘Behind the Scene’ interview.

The rich insight and experience from these projects ranges from data journalism and data release projects in Cambodia and Argentina, fact checking in South Africa, to documenting and mapping incidents of corruption, violence, or sexual harassment in India, Colombia and Egypt respectively. This is a dynamic platform where more projects can be added and new ideas shared. It is an opportunity to not only highlight the incredible work that is taking place within the media development arena vis-à-vis digital technologies across the Global South, but also to encourage peer to peer learning and to provide a space for creative problem solving. We aim to continue building the Digital Innovation Library and hope that you can join us in this endeavor by suggesting any projects that you think should be included at the library. You can find out more on #mediadev (dw.com/mediadev) and can post any feedback on our Facebook page- www.facebook.com/DWAkademie

Best wishes,

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