[FoME] Effectiveness of Humanitarian Broadcasting in Emergencies

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I thought you would be interested to see BBC Media Action’s latest
research report published.
‘Humanitarian Broadcasting in Emergencies’ looks at the effectiveness
of mass media interventions in enabling people to survive and recover in
It’s the first time we have synthesised our research findings from
crisis interventions in this way. We’ve used evaluation data from BBC
Media Action initiatives during the Nepal earthquake, the Ebola
epidemic, the Syrian refugee crisis and the 2014 conflict in Gaza, and
on literature and learning from the wider development and humanitarian
The report shares the findings of the individual evaluations, as well
as the synthesised findings across all four cases – looking in
particular at what mass media is effective and less effective at
accomplishing in crisis
Please see the report here:
Full paper: Humanitarian Broadcasting in Emergencies

Executive summary: Executive summary

I hope that this work will encourage the continuation of the broader
conversation on understanding the impact of communication interventions
in emergencies. If you would like more information please do get in
Theodora Hannides
Research manager – Resilience and Response
Research & Learning Group | BBC Media Action
E:	    Theo.Hannides at bbc.co.uk 
Skype: Theodora.Hannides
MC3A, Media Centre, 201 Wood Lane, London, W12 7TQ

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