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Communication and Peace: Mapping an Emerging Field
Julia Hoffmann, Virgil Hawkins (eds.)
London; New York: Routledge, 2015, 315 p.


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Introduction / Julia Hoffmann and Virgil Hawkins
1. Media in Peace and Conflict Studies / Jake Lynch
2. Media Studies and the Peace Issue / Cees J. Hamelink
Part I. Reporting and Representing Peace
3. Peace and the Absence of Journalism / Virgil Hawkins
4. Conflict Sensitive Journalism: (R)evolution in media peacebuilding /
Ross Howard
5. The United Nations’ Responsibility to Protect and the World’s
Press: Establishing a New Humanitarian Norm? / Simon Cottle and Martin
6. Media and War Propaganda: The Value of Exposure / Oliver
7. Imagined Violence: Representations of Masculinity and a Culture of
Peace / Lara Mazurski
8. The Media and Deconstruction of the Enemy Image, Babak Bahado
Part II. Intervening for Peace
9. Still Caught in the Crossfire? UN Peace Operations and their
Information Capacities / Ingrid A. Lehmann
10. Beyond Journalism: Expanding the use of media in peacebuilding /
Vladimir Bratic
11. UN Peacekeeping Radio: The Way Forward / Michelle Betz and Helene
12. Reflections on Using Monitoring & Evaluation to Enhance Information
Interventions for Peace / Maureen Taylor
13. Digital Technology and Peace / Steven Livingston
14. Strategic communications and the Avoidance of Violent Conflict / 
Monroe E. Price and Nicole Stremlau
15. Capacity building, institutional change and theories of change:
Creating an enabling environment for journalists in post-conflict
environments / Michelle Betz
16. Confronting the conundrum of "hate speech" / Julia Hoffmann
17. Media as watchdogs and election monitors in fragile states: How
foreign assistance is shaping the media’s role in Burundi and the
Democratic Republic of Congo / Marie-Soleil Frère
Part III. Enacting and Communicating Peace
18. The Role of the Media in Transitional Justice / Lisa J. Laplante
19. Communication for Memory and Peace: Articulating Violence in
Post-Repressive Contexts / Kristin Sorensen
20. Community Media as Performers of Peace / Clemencia Rodríguez
21. Communication Towards a Negotiated Peace: Conflict, Contestation
and the Media / Pradip Thomas

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