[FoME] GIZ-DW-Medienprojekte

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Do Nov 13 18:22:23 CET 2014

"Nexus between state, civil society and media: innovative projects"
GIZ & DW Akademie, 2014, 6 S.

Die Publikation stellt die folgenden sieben Projekte von GIZ &
Deutscher Welle Akademie kurz vor:
#EKSE! My Voice, My Safety - South Africa
[Improving young people's communication skills, € 170,000]
Under the microscope - Ecuador
[Analysing media coverage of indigenous issues, € 90,000]
Radio at the heart of the community - Togo
[Economic self-sufficiency of local media, € 100,000]
Go Local - Palestinian Territories
[Online supporting programme for public hearings in Nablus, € 100,000]
Listen - participate - transform! Burkina Faso
[Strengthening the role of local radios as platforms and mediators, €
Communication and dialogue about corruption prevention -Bangladesh [€
More than just numbers: Enhancing dialogue on taxes in Serbia
[Enhancing financial literacy among journalists and citizens, €

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