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Johannes Tonn johannes.tonn at globalintegrity.org
Fr Mai 30 20:50:23 CEST 2014

Global Integrity, a non profit organization with offices in Washington DC
and Cape Town, is looking for journalists, civil society experts or
academics with an interest in political finance.

In particular, we are looking for lead researchers to explain, document and
assess fifty indicators on political finance mechanisms in the following

Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Panama,
Rwanda and Solomon Islands.

Payment will be $1,000

Research is poised to start mid-June, any referrals or passing this message
to other interested parties would be much appreciated!


As you may know, Global Integrity is embarking on a new endeavor to
investigate the role of money in politics in partnership with the Sunlight
Foundation and the Electoral Integrity Project. What regulations govern
political financing?  Are those regulations enforced? How effective are
spending limits and disclosure rules? What is the actual capacity of
oversight and enforcement agencies?

Our Money, Politics, and Transparency project (MPT) will use a combination
of hard data and case studies to answer such questions. Building on work
done by IDEA, IFES and many others before us, we will generate a unique and
highly granular repository of information
<http://moneypoliticstransparency.org/> on political finance mechanisms in
fifty-four countries intended to be of value to stakeholders, advocates,
and policy makers in their efforts to reform and boost political finance

To collect high quality data that can underpin the development of strong
political finance norms, we need a high quality research team.  As such,
we’re currently on the look out for experts on political finance to work
with us on MPT. We’re in need of lead researchers to gather granular data
on a total of roughly 50 de jure and de facto political finance indicators
in each of our 54 target countries.  We’re also recruiting peer reviewers
to evaluate and complement the work of researchers on country scorecards so
as to guarantee the rigorous quality of the sources and explanatory
comments provided for each indicator.

Lead researchers will be paid $1000 upon successful completion of their
work, and peer reviewers will receive $500. We expect the research process
to run from mid-June to September of this year.

More information on the positions can be found here
You can access more information about MPT here
<http://moneypoliticstransparency.org/about>.  Additional details are
attached to this message as well.

If you’re interested in possibly joining MPT, please fill out this form
<https://www.globalintegrity.org/we-are-recruiting/>.  In addition, if you
have colleagues that would be qualified to work on the project, we’d very
much appreciate any referrals and recommendations you’re willing to share.
 We’d be happy to set up a short phone call at your convenience in which to
discuss MPT, the countries on which you’d be most comfortable working, and
to touch base about any potential referrals you may have.  Please don’t
hesitate to write with any questions, or call us at +1-202-449-8123.

Thanks very much, and we look forward to connecting soon.



Johannes Tonn // Manager, Research // www.globalintegrity.org

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