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Egyptian media under transition: in the name of the regime … in the name
of the people?
Von Fatima el Issawi
London: Polis, London School of Economics, Department of Media and
Communications (media at LSE), 2014, 90 p.

Aus dem Executive Summary:
Self-censorship habits are entrenched in the practices of Egyptian
journalists, who largely perceive their role as servants of political
masters. Even though the debate on reforming media was high on the
agenda during the time of the revolution, this subservient perception
did not change. Journalists were still struggling to cope with a new
environment where they could operate without instructions. The deep
political polarization between pro-Islamists and pro-liberals under the
Brotherhood rule transformed media into the favourite platform for
political spin. The newfound liberty was translated into a chaotic
expression of unfounded views and rumours ... Egyptian media reform
requires a complex operation involving both legal reform and
institutional review of media practices and professional standards.

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