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Dear FoME friends, 

I'm sure you are all aware of the urgent humanitarian and politically precarious situation that South Sudan now finds itself in. As part of its mission to support the restoration of some sense of 'normalcy' the UNESCO South Sudan representation is preparing to undertake what they are referring to as "urgent psychosocial activities in the IDP camps of UNMISS". There are currently some 10s of thousands such IDPs (Internally Displaced People) in various UN camps around the country, many of the camps being multi-ethnic microcosmic reflections of the country as a whole. 

As part of this work UNESCO is looking for movies, clips, documentaries etc. that promote dialogue, tolerance, the mitigation of conflicts, cultural diversity and so on, that they can use without copyright infringement issues, i.e. public domain or copyright free material. They have some copyrighted movies and documentaries that would take time and resources that are not available right now in order to show. 

As such they need to act quickly, and we are trying to help them get such license-free and high-quality material as fast as possible (these will be downloaded and shown in the camps). While all age groups and backgrounds are aimed at, the biggest target group is youths. I'd appreciate any info, links or leads to any such material that you have (or, if you have such copyrighted material and are able and willing to waive the copyright for this purpose) please let me know. 

Thanks, with best regards, 

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