[FoME] Call for Papers 5th Deutsche Welle Media Dialogue » Kenya’s media landscape: A success story with serious structural challenges «

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                  Call for Papers

                  5th Deutsche Welle Media Dialogue
                    » Kenya’s media landscape: A success story with serious
                  structural challenges «

                  May 21, 2014
                  Deutsche Welle | Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3 | 53113 Bonn

              INVITATION   	DW Akademie and the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University
                   of Applied Sciences cordially invite
    					you  to  take  part in the 5th Deutsche Welle Media

             CHAIRED  BY     	Prof.  Dr.  Christoph Schmidt (Head, Academic
                  Department, DW Akademie)
                                     	Prof.   Dr.   Michael  Krzeminski
                  (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)

           KEY  TOPIC    	Kenya’s  2010  Constitution  guarantees press
                  freedom in a way the country has never seen. However, the
                  concentration    of    media    ownership    		and
                  disagreement  on the new media legislation are tarnishing
                  the   triumphs   of   Kenya’s  media  liberalization  and
                  development.  Regulation of 		news content, including
                  hate  speech  and political bias, as well as journalistic
                  standards   are   also  issues  stirring  discussion  and
                  staining  the  		image  of  Kenya as a role model for
                  other East African countries.
      				This  symposium  aims  to evaluate the successes and
                  challenges of Kenya’s media landscape.

            PROGRAM    Two sessions will explore the following areas:

                  Session 1: Media Legislation and Media Ownership in Kenya
                                 The  focus  will  be on structural, legal,
                   political   and   economic   aspects  of  Kenya’s  media
                   landscape   and   will   provide   analyses   of  recent
                   developments   and   future   trends,   including  media
                   legislation  and  the  challenges of media concentration
                   and cross-media ownership.

                  Session    2:    Journalistic    Standards   and   Ethnic
                  Politicization in Kenyan Media Coverage
                  This session will be committed to the specific aspects of
                  journalistic  work  and  their  impact.  It  will include
                  issues   such  as  self-censorship  and  corruption,  the
                  training  of  journalists, conflict sensitive reporting –
                  with  a  special  focus on speech and election coverage –
                  and how the issues relate to technological developments.

CONFERENCE   LANGUAGE    	The  conference  will  be  held  in  English.
                  International  media  academics and political scientists,
                  economists,  academic  lawyers  and journalists
                  are invited to participate.

SUBMISSION OF PAPERS	To submit your proposal for a 15 minute
                  presentation, please register online under

                  http://akademie-anmeldung.dw.de/MediaDialogue/ and upload
                  your proposal (indicating your function as a speaker) as
                  a pdf or .doc file. 	The proposal should contain no more
                  than 6,000 characters (including blank spaces) and
                  indicate the suitable session.

                  		All submissions should be in English. Please include
                  a  title  page containing the presentation title and name
                  (s)  and  address(es) of the 				presenter(s).
                  Please   also  include  a  short  abstract.  Should  your
                  proposal be accepted the abstract will be included in the

                  		Accepted  papers  will  be  subject  to  review  and
                  published in full length in the conference proceedings.

       POSTER   SESSION    	Authors  are  encouraged  to  submit  their
                  abstracts/proposals for consideration as posters. Posters
                  can   be   presented  during  the  conference
                  breaks  and are subject to the same conditions that apply
                  to the selection of papers.

               TIMELINE  	Submissions are now being accepted
                  		Submission deadline:   31.01.2014
                  		Authors will be notified by:  01.03.2014

               CONTACT  	DW Akademie
                  		Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmidt
                  		T +49.228.429-2031
                  		F +49.228.429-3520
                  		mediendialog at dw.de
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