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Robert B. Fishman rofish2011 at gmail.com
Do Dez 4 16:21:03 CET 2014

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
thank you very much for the welcome on this list.

I am a free lance reporter, writer and photographer specialized in travel reporting and projects for sustainable development around Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. You will find a lot more information about me under the links given at the end of this e mail. A part from reporting (radio and printed media) and photographing I am teaching journalism, photo reporting and public relations at universities and independent educational institutions. My languages are German, French, English and some Spanish.
I am very much looking forward to read and hear from you.
best regards yrs
Robert B. Fishman
ecomedia. das journalistenbuero

Portfolio: http://www.freischreiber.de/profiles/robert-b-fishman/
Blog: http://ecomedia.wordpress.com/
Fotoblog: http://weltenbilder.wordpress.com/
Reiseblog: http://soscheescho.wordpress.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/robertb_fishman
Tel.: +49 (0)177 6075452
http://ecosia.org/, die Suchmaschine, die mit jeder Anfrage ein Stück Regenwald rettet

http://ecosia.org/ The search engine, that helps to save the rain forests

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