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Announcement and call for papers for 7th CMI Conference 2014

Mobile Communications in Developing Countries

Date: 17 - 18 November 2014
Venue: Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
The conference on ‘Mobile Communications in Developing Countries’
examines issues regarding the development of mobile ICT.  Issues
bordering on, but not limited to mobile markets, regulations, business
strategies as well as issues relating to the use of mobile
communications for economic, social, and human development, will be
Participants will come from academia, business, and policy and
regulation. The idea is to benefit from input from speakers and
participants from developing countries as well as Europe and elsewhere.

Conference Objectives
The main objectives of this conference are:
·		 To discuss the developments of ICTs, mobile
communications, and media 
·		 To discuss sector specific uses of mobile
communications, e.g. e-payment, e-health 
·		 To highlight the current challenges encountered in the
uptake of mobile broadband in developing countries and its impact on ICT
·		 To explore ways in which ICTs and mobile technologies
are used and assessed in diverse fields of education, health care,
governance, businesses, social networks, banking & finance
·		 To assess recent methods that enhance access to mobile
communications, education, health services, government services,
business services such as distance education, computer-based
communication methods, telemedicine, e-commerce, face booking

Who Should Attend
Faculty, Teachers, Researchers, Policy makers and Regulators, Health
practitioners, Business professionals, ICT practitioners, Instructional
designers, Media specialists and producers, Distance learning directors,
Technology & Service providers.

Topics will include but not limited to the following
·		 ICT for development
·		 Mobile for development
·		 Mobile broadband
·		 Information Systems
·		 Role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
·		 Application of Information Systems in government and
·		 Age and gender issues in the use of Information
·		 Digital library, distance learning, e-learning systems
& technologies
·		 E-health & e-governance
·		 Databases, storage & retrieval systems (e.g. cloud
·		 Cyber-security governance, risk & compliance (GRC),
·		 E-commerce & e-banking in developing economies
·		 Social media & social networks
·		 Social engineering challenges and counter measures
·		 ICT policy & regulatory environment
·		 Media policy & regulatory environment

Important dates
Deadline for abstracts: 22 September
Notification of acceptance: 29 September
Deadline for Full Papers: 10 November
Submit your abstract / paper to: cmi at cmi.aau.dk 

CMI, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark and Ghana Telecom
University College, Accra, Ghana
Price: 100 €

Best regards
Anders Henten, henten at cmi.aau.dk 
CMI, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark
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