[FoME] Introducing Lagu Stephen Samuel, from Juba, in Berlin

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Dear FoMe friends

apologies for the potential crosspostings, but this is the last week that our colleague, Lagu Stephen, a young medical student and film maker from Juba, South Sudan, will be in Berlin. Lagu formed part of the team at last December's MEDIA & MAKERS Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum in Juba, and was invited to Germany to participate at the recent BMZ "Future Forum: Youth in Africa - A New Mind Set Arising?" as well as re:publica which just kicked off in Berlin. 

Part of Lagu's mission here in Germany is also to seek support for his organisation 'Kapital Movie', a collective of about 120 film makers, IT developers and designers, many of whom, like Lagu himself, are still students at the university in Juba. Among their activities they do training via a 'virtual academy' that they have set up themselves with - equally virtually - almost no tangible resources. They are an amazing group, with real vision, doing real things in support of the country's future and the development of its open and civil society:

Lagu Stephen is a medical student and film maker from Juba, South Sudan. He is founder of Kapital Movie Industry Corporation (http://www.kapitalmovie.net), a network of visionary young artists and documentarists, web developers, partly in affiliation with the University of Juba, Ministry of Communication, and South Sudan Television. As a group committed to empowering the communities they live, work and study in, Kapital Movie's focus messages are about health, conflict mitigation, capacity building, employment opportunity, the development of peaceful methods of association through the power of films and short commercials. Lagu Stephen is producing the video documentation of the recent 'MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012 Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum', and as such is also a member of the #OSJUBA team exploring the use and application of open systems in the development of South Sudan.

Kapital Movie Industry Corporation is a community based, non profit network of visionary young artists, documentarists, IT professionals, graphic and web designers, film makers, editors and artistic directors who are interested in sharing and nurturing a vibrant civil society through the power of open media. As a group committed to empowering the communities they live, work and study in Kapital Movie's focus messages are about health, conflict mitigation, and the development of peaceful methods of association through the power of films and short commercials. Kapital Movie Industry corporation seeks to establish solid open systems using strategies that give opportunity for citizens to share knowledge and develop ideas which help cement the process of nation building.

If you are in Berlin, and would like to meet Lagu, you can of course email him, or join in at one of the two events this week in which Lagu participates ...

at re:publica: 
(h)activating OPEN ICT4D @Global Innovation Lounge 
Tuesday May 7th, 16.15

or at 

this month's 'Freitags_Frühstück' event, at the SUPERMARKT Creative Resource Center in Wedding
Friday May 10th, 09.00 - 12.00 (presentation @ ca. 10.30)
Lagu will take the opportunity of this occasion also to (internationally) launch his new website: http://www.kapitalmovie.net/
The Freitags_Frühstück is open to everyone, and if you are interested to join in, please either drop a a short RSVP email to rsvp at supermarkt-berlin.net or join the event facebook page:http://www.supermarkt-berlin.net/en/content/freitagsfrühstück-supermarkt-may-edition. 
The great breakfast/brunch buffet, costs 5 EUR (plus drinks), but the presentation itself is free of charge.
SUPERMARKT - Brunnenstr 64, 13355 Berlin (U8 Voltastr or U8 Bernauerstr)

With best regards, 

Stephen Kovats, on behalf of 

Lagu Stephen Samuel
email: lagu at kapitalmovie.net
tel: +49 157 852 78512
twitter: @lagu_stephen

r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation

supermarkt studio 3
brunnenstrasse 69
13355 berlin

+49 170 5887806
tweet @intertwilight
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(h)activating OPEN ICT4D @ Global Hub Lounge
Berlin, May 7

Freitagsfrühstück @SUPERMARKT_BERLIN 
featuring Lagu Stephen Samuel (Juba) kapitalmovie.net weblaunch
May Edition, Friday May 10, 09.00 - 12.00

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