[FoME] Save the Date: Energize, Polarize, Mobilize!

Geraldine de Bastion gdb at newthinking.de
Mo Jan 7 11:30:24 CET 2013

Dear FoME-list Members,

Happy 2013! I would like to share this save the date mail for an event 
coming up in March - anyone interested in activism and digital media 
should mark this in their calendars. Please feel free to contact me or 
Christian Römer (see below for contact details) if you have any 
questions or would like more information.

Geraldine de Bastion

                      Save the Date

Energize, Polarize, Mobilize!

Human Rights, Participation, Activism, Internet.
International Workshop Conference

Date and Place
Thursday, March 21st (evening), to Sunday, March 24th, 2013
Beletage, Heinrich Boell Foundation

The Event
The spread of digital technologies has given new opportunities
to activists around the world. At the same time they can also
be the cause of new threats to activists and people using
digital media for political communication or mobilization.
Successful campaigning and political action requires knowledge
of digital technologies and social media, as well as skills in
communication strategies and creative forms to express a message.
The event will attempt to answer the question: "What are the tools
and trends, the opportunities and challenges for activism in 2013?"
both on a theoretical and practical level and also both online and offline.

The Format
The three day event will combine different formats: A one day conference
will deal with the central issues of online and offline activism in 2013
as well as introduce the current debate on the three main issues
(1) Human Rights and Freedom of Expression,
(2) Internet Freedom vs. Regulation and
(3) Gender Democracy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.
Expert speakers and the invited activist will present these topics in
presentations and panel discussions. The conference will be open
to the public and press. The conference will be followed by a one
and a half day camp which will give the activists an opportunity
to exchange and develop new ideas in an open and creative setting
without an audience. At the end of the camp, a lounge will be hosted
that invites other NGOs and Berlin based activists to network with
the visiting participants.

Conference language: English

For further information please contact: Christian Römer, roemer at boell.de

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