[FoME] Invitation FoME Symposium 29.10.-31.10.2012, Berlin - "From Online Activism to Offline Action"

Nina Otte-Witte Nina.Otte-Witte at fes.de
Mo Sep 10 14:44:15 CEST 2012

and the “Forum Medien und Entwicklung” (FoME)[i] (about:blank#_edn1) 
sincerely invite you to the 7th FoME-symposium 

29th – 31st October, 2012 
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin, Germany 

All over the world Internet-based media have been redefining the public sphere. Political activists are using Social Media to transfer their protests and campaigns on to digital platforms, conquering new territories of democratic space. 
However, in many countries those in power are trying to reclaim the newly created venues and avenues with acts of online-censorship and state regulation of the Internet; often assisted by western companies. From Asia to the Arab World, from Latin America to Africa: old struggles are fought on new terrain.
Simultaneously, the structure of the internet itself is under threat from authoritarian states and dominant internet companies. What regulations, if any, are needed to retain the Internet as a public sphere accessible for everyone? 
After the initial euphoria about the positive role of Social Media in political transformations, we have come down to earth from cyberspace. Yet, the questions remain: How can we translate online activism into sustainable political action? How to design the internet as a democratic public square? 
The program will include international speakers and social media activists from all over the world. John Kampfner (UK), broadcaster, commentator and advisor to the Global Network Initiative (GNI) and Google will be giving the keynote address. Focal topics of the symposium will be:
The framework of internet governance The role of digital media in enlarging democraticspace The new media’s dependence on traditional politicalstruggleIf you are interested in attending please register before September 30th on our homepage: http://forum-medien-entwicklung.de (http://forum-medien-entwicklung.de/). Here you can also find the most recent program.
If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us under: nina.otte-witte at fes.de (mailto:nina.otte-witte at fes.de)

We look forward to welcoming you in Berlin!

[i] (about:blank#_ednref1) The FoME is an association of media development activists, researchers and organizations, such as:  are: Catholic Media Council (CAMECO), Deutsche Welle Akademie, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), International Institute for Journalism (IIJ) of German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT), newthinking communications, n-ost Network for Reporting on Eastern Europe, Reporters Without Borders Germany. Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur (ZHAW) 

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