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Birgitte Jallov: Empowerment Radio. Voices Building a Community.
Krogegaard (Empowerhouse), 2012

Birgitte Jallov’s Empowerment Radio. Voices Building a Community reveals
a practitioner’s vast experience, thoroughly rooted in theoretical
reflection and fed by the energizing enthusiasm of an aficionado. 
In development assistance, community radio is widely considered a major
agent of social, cultural and political development. The number of
community radios supported has increased tremendously, especially over
the recent decade. Expectations towards the impact of community radios
are high; to quote just a few from newer publications: provision of
independent, trustworthy information from local voices; the power to
mobilize groups and bring change to societies, preventing the spillover
of violence, facilitating ethnic collaboration, creating dialogue,
playing an important role in the achievement of the millennium
development goals, and helping people to celebrate their own culture and
strengthen their identities. Community radio is promoted as a simple,
effective solution, although the steering of the participatory stations
is rather complex if compared to journalistic media; their strengths –
the inclusion of communities in all aspects, from ownership to
programming and fundraising – is at the same time the biggest challenge
for the sustainability of the stations, not only regarding financial
survival, but also organizational sustainability and the essential
social and cultural embedment. 
At the same time, as Jallov points out, “there is no, there cannot be,
and there should not be one model to follow, because every community
radio is different, because every community is different: the history is
different, the people are different, their culture and language are
different, their day-to-day lives are different, and their challenges
are different.”
Respecting variety without corrupting principal concepts, Birgitte
Jallov focuses on core processes to reach the specific and most adequate
realization of a station in every community. Based on her rich
hands-on-experience, she provides examples illustrating processes of
preparation, establishment, and building of long-term sustainability and
empowerment, as well as the provision of an enabling environment. 
For those who wish to learn more about the different aspects illustrated
in the book, and seek broader support in the understanding and
development of community radios, Birgitte Jallov offers a follow up with
the seven-week online course How to turn voices into community change. 
Details about the webinar and links to order the book can be found
under: http://empowerhouse.dk/training/. A. Sofie Jannusch (CAMECO)

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