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FYI with regards,

>For the Internet Governance Leaders of Tomorrow: Learning in a Multi
>Stakeholder Environment
>Meissen / Germany, 22-28 July 2012
>Do you want to understand the multilayer, multi player mechanisms of
>Internet Governance? Do you want to know what the political, economic,
>social and legal implications of Internet Governance are? Do you want to
>learn what is behind cryptic acronyms like ICANN, RIR, DNS, ccTLD, gTLD,
>iDN, IPv6, ISP, IETF, W3C, IAB, WHOIS, GAC, IGF, WGIG and WSIS? Do want to
>get more detailed information about technical Internet standards, protocols,
>codes, domain names, IP addresses, registries and registrars? Are you
>interested to look deeper into the opportunities and risks of the emerging
>global Internet Economy? Do you want to become an Internet Governance leader
>of tomorrow?
>Than you should apply for the “2012 European Summer School on Internet
>Governance” (EuroSSIG). The 2012 Summer School offers a unique
>multidisciplinary high level 48 hours academic programme. The programme is a
>well balanced mixture of theoretical lectures with world leading academics
>as well as practical presentations from well known experts working directly
>in the technical community, the market or in policy. It offers unique
>opportunities for learning in a multi stakeholder environment, which
>includes also intense and individual interactive communication with faculty
>members and fellows from all over the world. The faculty is chaired by Prof.
>Wolfgang Kleinwächter, University of Aarhus. For more infos see:
>Applications will be accepted both from students and individuals working in
>the private sector, in government or in civil society groups from all over
>the world. Application criteria are a basic academic degree or relevant
>practical experiences. 
>The course fee is 1000 EUR (plus 19% VAT). It includes, next to the lecture
>*	six nights accommodation in the guest rooms of the academy,
>*	breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee,
>*	one evening reception in the “Meissen Porcelain Manufactory”,
>*	gala dinner in the historic wine restaurant “Vincenz Richter”,
>*	boat trip on the river Elbe
>*	free WiFi access and
>*	all teaching material.
>There is a special fee for master students of 500 EUR (plus 19% VAT). We can
>offer students from developing countries an opportunity to apply for the
>fellowship programme.
>If you are interested in the European Summer School on Internet Governance
>(EuroSSIG), please send applications until  15 April 2012 by using the
>y/application-form> online application form on the website or contacting
><mailto:info at hoferichter.eu?subject=European%20Summer%20School%20on%20Intern
>et%20Governance> Sandra Hoferichter the coordinator of the Summer School.
>Wolf Ludwig, Communication Manager EuroSSIG

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