[FoME] Call for entries for the First European Press Prize

Patrice.Schneider at mdlf.org Patrice.Schneider at mdlf.org
Fr Jun 15 16:23:01 CEST 2012

This is an update on a launch that took place on May 24th on what we hope
will grow into the greatest press awards for all of Europe?


"We" are seven foundations with extensive media interests. Our joint
interest now is organising a series of prizes for high quality journalism -
four to begin with, each of 10,000 euros. We're totally independent,
without any EU or Council of Europe connections. Our aim is to single out
and honour the best wherever we find it in 47 different countries.

    You can find much more detail about this adventure at
www.europeanpressprize.com. Sir Harold Evans is our first chairman of the
judges - joined by significant writers and editors from Italy, Denmark,
France and Russia. And the timing of our initial year is growing
increasingly closer to deadline.

We're welcoming entries - for the best reporting, analysis, editing and
innovation - from July 1 on, with a cut-off on October 30.

    It's a very simple contest: we just want the most important
investigations, campaigns, in-depth features or pieces of great writing
you've published this year, in print or online, because - as foundations,
not conventional owners - we want to make the case for brilliant journalism
itself as the vital underpinning of all freedoms wherever we live in

    Please have a look at our website. Please spread the word about this
unique initiative. And please help us make sure that your staff writers and
editors know about us. We'll be holding our first awards ceremony at the De
Balie centre in Amsterdam on February 26, 2013.

Best regards,

Patrice Schneider
Chief Strategy Officer
Media Development Loan Fund
(O): +41 43 300 3642
(M): +41 79 589 4585

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