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Dear all,


The Nigerian African Media Barometer was launched recently and it can be
found on our website under:


The AMB Nigeria has highlighted the following:


The passing of the Freedom of Information Act in 2011 may mark a new era in
the media landscape of Nigeria and it showcases how advocacy for media
freedom, led by civil society, has had an impact on Nigeria since its return
to civilian rule.


The establishment of the institution of the Media Ombudsman in 2009 by the
Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria, with support of the Editors'
Guild, showed initiative by the media community to strive towards ethical
and professional journalism. 


However working conditions for journalists are poor, corruption is high and
the harassment of journalists is common. State broadcasters are not
independent and the quality of reporting is low. There is consensus among
experts that the country's media stands at a tipping point. Many agree that
the welfare of journalists critical to the direction the media will
ultimately take.



More information on the AMB in general on our website
As well as previous AMB country editions via



For more information or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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