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Di Apr 3 16:02:28 CEST 2012

Dear Friends:
Greetings from Harare, and hope this finds you well! 
As you may know, the great meeting space for the arts - the BOOK CAFE - has re-located and are working hard to re-establish this valuable platform for the performing arts in Harare. The new venue is bigger, better, great! - but costs are daunting and we are not embarrassed to say 'We need your help!" We have started an online fundraising campaign, and invite you to join and contribute at the following link: 
Please join us in building our cultural industry and supporting Zimbabwean artists! PLEASE SHARE this with other Friends of Zimbabwe in your network, as soon as possible. Our online campaign runs for only a limited time. See also http://www.dailynews.co.zw/index.php/entertainment/37-entertainment/8312-pm-to-help-trace-book-cafe-funds.html ( https://3c.web.de/mail- ) and http://www.facebook.com/#!/ ( https://3c.web.de/mail- )pages/Zimbabwe-Save-the-Book-CafeMannenberg-Campaign/254565131273945 <http://www.facebook.com/#%21/pages/Zimbabwe-Save-the-Book-CafeMannenberg-Campaign/254565131273945 ( https://3c.web.de/mail- )> 
With thanks and best wishes from the BOOK CAFE team
Book Cafe: newbookcafe.harare at gmail.com ( https://3c.web.de/mail-;jsessionid=A98010C404689E1507BE3BFD9952D612-n2.6F37YusBPGLHWlSgwSaDsa8XH3M?to=newbookcafe.harare%40gmail.com&selection=tfol119bd395bae81efe )>
Harare, Zimbabwe

 ( https://3c.web.de/mail- )

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