[FoME] FOIAnet Right to Know Day video

Kersti Wissenbach kersti at access-info.org
Fr Sep 16 10:40:07 CEST 2011

Dear FOME-Members,


Please find below a video crowd-produced by the FOIadvocates network <http://www.foiadvocates.net/> . We are happy to see the video getting viral!


500 Freedom of Information Advocates
+ a network
+ a coordinator and Steering Committee
+ a funder that understands us (OSI)
+ €600 and an NGO-friendly editor
+ 18 FOI Advocate video contributors from
+ 16 countries
+ 14 of the above who manage to surpass all technical, legal, distance, linguistic, and time barriers
+ 250 e-mails from coordinator and editor
+ lots of enthusiasm, imagination and problem solving on the part of all of the above

= the FOIAnet Right to Know Day video!!!!!



 <http://www.foiadvocates.net> www.foiadvocates.net

Please share it, circulate it, use it at events, put it on websites, and use it as if it were your own, because it is!



Best greetings,

Kersti Ruth Wissenbach

Consultant Coordinator
Access Info Europe
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