[FoME] FAO-Dimitra Publikation über Hörerclubs in Afrika

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FAO-Dimitra Publikation über Hörerclubs 
Community Listeners’ Clubs: Stepping Stones for Action in Rural Areas,
by FAO
"This publication, produced by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation
of the United Nations) - Dimitra, is particularly relevant for media
organisations that would like to establish listeners’ clubs. It presents
the experience of community listeners’ clubs established by the FAO and
its partners in the mid-2000s in the DRC (particularly in South Kivu)
and Niger and the results that these initiatives produced.
It shows how, in a short time, these clubs succeeded in promoting
social mobilisation of both women and men, as well as dialogue,
collaboration and action on the part of rural communities, especially
women. In this process, community radio is used as an information and
communication channel, encouraging a flow of information and
communication that places people at the centre of interactions. The last
chapter of the publication lists a series of guidelines for creating
community listeners’ clubs and the main success factors to be
considered". (Quelle: Radio for Peacebuilding, 27. Oktober 2011).
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Die Publikation zum download auf Französisch:

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