[FoME] Publication "Media in Africa - twenty years after the Windhoek Declaration on press freedom"

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mo Okt 10 11:55:13 CEST 2011

Guy Berger (ed.):
Media in Africa - twenty years after the Windhoek Declaration on press
Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), 2011, 190 p.

Download unter: www.misa.org/researchandpublication/democracy/MIA.pdf
>From the back cover:

What has been the state-of-play for African media in the 20 years since
the historic Windhoek Declaration of 1991 which gave rise to World Press
Freedom Day every 3 May? And what can be expected over the next decade?
More than 70 commentators illuminate the trajectory in a range of
contributions in this book - covering the issues of media freedom,
pluralism, independence and access to information. Journalists’
safety, gendersensitive reporting, and the role of the Internet are
amongst the topics covered. In a nutshell, progress has been made since
1991, but much remains to be achieved. There’s a grave danger that the
momentum of media freedom is slowing and even reversing in many
countries. Meanwhile, the rise of new communications technologies puts
pressure on African journalists to live up to their ideals more than

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