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Blanka Balfer blanka at fesmedia.org
Mo Okt 3 12:50:29 CEST 2011

Dear all,

With Africa cheerfully celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Windhoek 
Declaration, /fesmedia Africa/ launches its new series of /AMB Briefs/ 
with a closer look at the state of access to information in countries 
covered be the African Media Barometer (AMB), thereby complementing 
numerous freedom of information initiatives taking place across the 

Few states meet even the minimum standards for access to information 
(ATI) laid down for instance in the 2002 /Declaration of Principles on 
Freedom of Expression in Africa. /Throughout the continent, ATI is, at 
best, just beginning to take root and, at worst, being further eroded. 
Even the continents' trailblazers are struggling to manintain the 
impetus created by progressive ATI reform. Read more:

     "AMB BRIEF - One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back
     Trends in Access to Information from the African Media Barometer 
2005 - 2010"
     written by David Lush

e.g. about the lack of political will to implement ATI legislation in 
Uganda, "red tape" in Mali and the provisions of South africa's 
Promotion of ATI Act "looking good on paper". ECOWAS, EAC, and SADC, 
each comprise a few countries with progressive legislation and a degree 
of commitment towards promoting ATI, but most demonstrating neither.
The campaign for ATI has only just begun.


Blanka Balfer

Blanka Balfer, Programme Manager, fesmedia Africa, P.O. Box 23652, 
Windhoek/Namibia, phone: +264-61-237 438, fax:+264-61-237 441, mobile: 
+264-85-6012537, blanka at fesmedia.org, www.fesmedia.org
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