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Call for Papers:

Mediatized Gender:
Gender Perspectives on Mediatized Societies

Thursday, September 22 – Saturday, September 24

University of Bonn/Germany
Department for Media Studies/”Alte Sternwarte”

Worldwide, people's lives and experiences have been massively
influenced by the mediatization of society. Economic, social and
political structures have been shaped by (new) media. Especially the
digital revolution of the Web 2.0 and social media have started to frame
social and interpersonal relations in private and public communication.
With the increasing mobility in media communication, mediatization has
started to reach even remote parts of the world.

Women in the Western world have, in most part, been actively
participating in this digital revolution, whereas in developing
countries they often lack access, media literacy or the support of their
personal environment. But also in the Western world, mediatization is in
many ways gendered – women show gendered media adoption strategies,
they engage in different activities, show specific preferences in media
usage and are often confronted by mediatized gender stereotypes.

For more info: see CfP attached.
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