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FYI - with regards,

 Jack Lule wrote Tue, 10 May 2011 10:18:
>Greetings, Colleagues,
>I write with a wonderful opportunity for one of your journalism 
>students, undergraduate or graduate, to cover an upcoming United Nations 
>conference in Bonn, Germany.
>Lehigh University, in Pennsylvania, USA, has NGO status at the United 
>Nations. The director of the Lehigh-UN Partnership, Dr. Bill Hunter, has 
>been named the Media Co-Chair for the 2011 United Nations Department of 
>Public Information/Non-Governmental Organization conference in Bonn, 
>Germany, 3-5 September  2011.
>Specifically, Dr. Hunter is responsible for selecting 12 student 
>journalists from around the world to report on, and write about, the 
>conference. It will surely be an invaluable experience for the students 
>Details regarding the conference and the student application can be 
>found at:
>Questions can be directed to Dr. Bill Hunter, wdh3 at lehigh.edu.
>Best wishes to all.
>Jack Lule
>Jack Lule, Ph.D.
>Director, Globalization and Social Change Initiative
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>www.lehigh.edu/~jl0d; www.lehigh.edu/globalization
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