[FoME] UNICEF invites: Live Webinar on Youth and Advocacy

Tobias Dierks tobiasdierks at web.de
Fr Mär 11 13:09:51 CET 2011

UNICEF invites you to  participate in a live webinar on the recently released The State of the  World?s Children 2011: Adolescence - An age of opportunity 

Topic: What can adolescents teach adults about youth advocacy? 

Where: In front of your personal or work computer anywhere in the world 

When: Tuesday, 15 March 2011 from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EST (1 p.m. GMT) 

One of the issues The State of the World's Children 2011: Adolescence - An age of opportunity [http://bit.ly/report2011full] explores is the role of adolescents in advocating for their rights. As  young people grow from children to adults, the role of adults at home, in communities and in government is to guide and protect adolescents  from the dangers they are exposed to. Adolescents, in turn, have the  right to participate in the societies they live in. A growing number of  organizations created and led by young people voice their opinions on  issues that affect them in their daily lives and as members of society.  New communication technologies have also opened the door to different  ways to participate in their communities and politics. 

What are  youth-led organizations doing to support adolescents and provide them  opportunities to advocate for their present and future? What are the  best ways for adult-led organizations to support adolescents as they  seek to influence and shape the societies they live in? How are both  types of organizations using technologies to promote adolescent  activism? 

Join us to discuss these questions on the challenges and opportunities of adolescence. 


* Richard Mabala - founder of Tamasha Vijana, a participatory youth development centre, in Arusha, Tanzania 

*  Michael Boampong - founder of Young People We Care, a youth-led NGO  working on youth- and development-related issues, in Santasi-Kumasi,  Ghana 

* Cherif Zouein - project manager for Unite for Climate,  an online community for young activists to encourage local organizations  to collaborate and create global action, UNICEF, New York 


* Tobias Dierks, communication specialist, UNICEF, New York 

How to participate:
You  DO NOT need to register in advance. You DO need a computer, high-speed  Internet connection through cables and the latest Java Software  installed. 

The day of the webinar, follow this link: [bitly.com/fomeextweb]

For a quick guide to Elluminate, the software used for this webinar, see [[http://tinyurl.com/39x34ca]]. 

Participation is open to the public and free of charge. 

Do you have questions or comments? 

Please contact us at: [outreach at unicef.org].

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