[FoME] Schweiz: "Improving aid effectiveness through media and ICTs"

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Fr Mär 4 09:56:44 CET 2011

Deepening participation and improving aid effectiveness through media
and ICTs: a practical manual translating lessons learned into daily
By Patrick Kalas and Christoph Spurk
Berne: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), 2011, 25 p.


Aus der Einleitung (S.7):
The purpose of this paper is to provide a tool box for operational
units at SDC, its partners and external parties. It should inform about
how to use ICTs strategically (in combination with old media) for
improving development processes. It aims at strengthening the
effectiveness both in classical development programmes and in
governance--related programmes, i.e. enhancing democratisation and
making the voices of the poor and marginalised heard as major tools for
achieving poverty reduction.

Aus dem Summary:
A critical review of project reports, studies, and evaluations was
conducted to distil lessons learned and find out what really works and
why. The results of this review are close to a paradigm shift:
- Starting as a magic solution from its beginnings, ICTs are now
considered as just another normal media channel useful for enhancing the
effectiveness of development cooperation programs.
- It is not the technology that counts; it is the economic and social
processes behind the technology that drives the change.
- Thus, ICTs are instrumental, not a goal in itself, and they should
serve to improve the practice of development cooperation.
- The once harsh contrast between ICTs and old media is already close
to be overcome, and both are seen as just different instruments for
different purposes applicable to different target groups.
- To reach the poor and marginalized and get their participation
ensured (‘voice’), radio is still the most appropriate media
channel, at best combined with mobile telephony, to which all segments
of society are increasingly gaining access; Internet and PCs are more
appropriate for the urban elite, for NGOs and other intermediaries to
the poor and marginalised.
- Thus, a target group specific approach to ICTs and media is the most
promising for improving development cooperation projects.

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