[FoME] African Media Barometer/Barómetro Africano da Media (AMB) Angola 2010 out now!

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Dear all,


Below you will find the link to the AMB Angola 2010 (Portuguese-English
edition) as well as links to a referring article in Zwela Angola and an
interview with Oliver Dalichau, Resident Representative of
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Luanda: 


AMB Angola 2010:      http://fesmedia.org/uploads/media/AMB_Angola_2010.pdf

Article in Zwela Angola (Portuguese):

Interview (Portuguese; minute 5:20):


The African Media Barometer is the first in-depth and comprehensive
description and measurement system for national media environments on the
African continent. Unlike other press surveys or media indices the AMB is a
self-assessment exercise based on homegrown criteria derived from African
Protocols and Declarations like the “Declaration of Principles on Freedom of
Expression in Africa” (2002) by the African Commission
<http://www.achpr.org/english/_info/news_en.html>  for Human and Peoples’
Rights (ACHPR). It takes up the idea of the African Peer Review Mechanism
(APRM) <http://www.aprm.org.za/>  on good governance – where African leaders
conveniently forgot to include the media! – and applies it to the media at a
national level.


More information on AMBs on our website
http://fesmedia.org/african-media-barometer-amb/ as well as the older
editions via http://fesmedia.org/top/resources/amb-reports/#c102


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