[FoME] Mapping Digital Media Project: Mexico, Moroco, Romania, Thailand

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Fr Jul 15 14:38:21 CEST 2011

"Mapping Digital Media" ist ein Projekt des Medienprogramms der Open
Society Foundation (Soros Foundation):

"Through country reports and a reference series, the project will hone
in on three key developments in the media world, namely:
- the switchover from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting;
- growth of new media platforms as sources of news;
- convergence of traditional broadcasting with telecommunications.
The reports will cover up to 60 countries and examine how these
developments affect the core democratic duty that any free and open
media system should provide: news about political, economic, and social
affairs. The reports are produced by local researchers and partner
organizations in each country. Cumulatively, these reports will provide
a much-needed resource on the democratic role of digital media.
Our reference series, authored by an expert, academic, or experienced
activist, aims to provide a jargon-free look at issues, policies, and
technologies that are important for understanding changes in the media.
By taking an in-depth look at the changing media landscape around the
world, our core aim is to connect this research with policy-makers,
activists, academics, and standard-setters across the world. At the same
time, this body of work constitutes a knowledge base that we hope will
both inform debate and lay the foundations for better, more informed
media policies." (Auszug aus: "Mapping the Brave New World", der
Ankündigung der Serie bei Erscheinen der ersten Länderstudie zu

Bisher liegen 5 der geplanten 60 "country reports" vor:
- Großbritannien
- Marokko
- Mexiko
- Rumänien
- Thailand
Die thematisch orientierte "reference series" umfasst bisher:
- Citizen Journalism and the Internet
- Digital Media and the Future of Investigative Journalism
- Digital Media and Investigative Reporting
- Mobile TV: Challenges and Opportunities beyond 2011
- Online Media and Defamation
Alle Studien stehen zum Download zur Verfügung: 

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