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Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media
Edited by John D. H. Downing
SAGE Publications, 2010, 632 p.
ISBN 978-0-7619-2688-7

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This one-volume encyclopedia features around 250 essays on the varied
experiences of social movement media over the planet in the 20th and
21st centuries. The guiding principles have been to ensure
- that experiences from the global South are given voice;
- that women are properly represented among contributors; 
- that the wide spectrum of communication formats is included;
- that further reading is provided where relevant;
- and that some examples are provided of repressive social movement
media, not exclusively progressive ones. 

Thematic essays address selected issues such as human rights media,
indigenous peoples' media, and environmentalist media, and on key
concepts widely used in the field such as alternative media, citizens'
media, and community media. The encyclopedia engages with all
communication media: broadcasting, print, cinema, the Internet, popular
song, street theatre, graffiti, and dance. The entries are designed to
be relatively brief with clear, accessible, and current information.
Students, researchers, media activisits, and others interested in this
field will find this to be a valuable resource.

Spezifisch auf Entwicklungsländer bezogene Einträge:

Anticolonial Press (British Colonial Africa)
Audiocassettes and Political Critique (Kenya)
Eland Ceremony, Abatwa People's (Southern Africa)
Music and Dissent (Ghana and Nigeria)
Music and Social Protest (Malawi)
Nairobi Slumdwellers’ Media (Kenya)
Online Diaspora (Zambia)
Parodies of Dominant Discourse (Zambia)
Political Critique in Nollywood Video-Films (Nigeria)
Political Jokes (Zimbabwe)
Political Song (Liberia and Sierra Leone)
Popular Music and Political Expression (Côte d'Ivoire)
Popular Music and Protest (Ethiopia)
Radio Mille Collines and Kangura Magazine (Rwanda)
Resistance Through Ridicule (Africa)
Small Media Against Big Oil (Nigeria)
Social Movement Media, Anti-Apartheid (South Africa)
Social Movement Media, Post-Apartheid (South Africa)

Community Radio (Haïti)
Reggae and Resistance (Jamaica)
Social Movement Media, 1915–1970 (Haïti)
Social Movement Media, 1971–1990 (Haïti)
Social Movement Media, 1991–2010 (Haïti)

East Asia:
Boxer Rebellion Theater (China)
Free Tibet Movement's Publicity
Indymedia: East Asia
New Culture and May 4th Movements Media (China)
Online Nationalism (China)
Sixth Generation Cinema (China) 
Youth Rock Music (China)

Latin America:
Alternative Media Heritage in Latin America
ANCLA Clandestine News Agency (Argentina)
Barricada TV (Argentina)
Cine Insurgente/Rebel Cinema (Argentina)
Community Media (Venezuela)
Community Radio in Pau da Lima (Brasil)
Community Radio Stations (Brasil)
COR TV, 2006, Oaxaca (México)
Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Argentina)
H.I.J.O.S. and Escraches (Argentina)
Indigenous Media in Latin America
Indigenous Radio Stations (México)
Kayapó Video (Brasil)
Miners’ Radio Stations (Bolivia)
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Argentina)
National Alternative Media Network (Argentina)
Peace Media (Colombia)
Radio Andaquí and the Belén Media School (Colombia)
Radio La Tribu (Argentina)
Social Movement Media, 1960s–1980s (Chile)
Social Movement Media, 2001–2002 (Argentina)
Social Movement Media in the Sandinista Era (Nicaragua)
Wayruro People's Communication (Argentina)
Zapatista Media (México)

Middle East:
Al-Jazeera as Global Alternative News Source (Qatar/Transnational)
Alternative Information Center (Israel and Palestine)
Ankara Trash-Sorters’ Media (Turkey)
Arab Bloggers as Citizen Journalists (Transnational)
Beheading Videos (Iraq/Transnational)
Berber Video-Films (Morocco)
BiA Independent Communication Network (Turkey)
Bloggers Under Occupation, 2003- (Iraq)
Kefaya Movement Media (Egypt)
Kurdish “Mountain” Journalism
New Media and Alternative Cultural Sphere (Iran)
Palestinian Interwar Press
Pirate Radio (Israel)
Pirate Radio (Lebanon)
Social Movement Media in 2009 Crisis (Iran)
Vernacular Poetry Audiotapes in the Arab World
Women Bloggers (Egypt)

South Asia:
Adivasi Movement Media (India)
Bhangra, Resistance, and Rituals (South Asia/Transnational)
Chipko Environmental Movement Media (India)
Community Radio (Sri Lanka)
Community Radio Movement (India)
Dalit Movement Media (India)
Dance as Social Activism (South Asia)
Documentary Film for Social Change (India)
HIV/AIDS Media (India)
Independence Movement Media (India)
Indian People's Theatre Association
Khalistan Movement Media (India/Transnational)
Media Against Communalism (India)
Naxalite Movement Media (India)
Political Cartooning, 1870s-Present (India)
Sarabhai Family and the Darpana Academy (India)
Social Movement and Modern Dance (Bengal)
Social Movement Media in the Emergency (India)
Street Theater (India)
Tamil Nationalist Media (Sri Lanka/Transnational)
Tehelka Magazine (India)
Video SEWA (India)
Women's Movement Media (India)

Southeast Asia:
Alternative Media (Malaysia)
Angry Buddhist Monk Phenomenon (Southeast Asia)
Community Radio and Natural Disasters (Indonesia)
Independence Movement Media (Vietnam)
Independent Media (Burma/Myanmar)
Indigenous Media (Burma/Myanmar)
Internet and the Fall of Dictatorship (Indonesia)
Moon River Movement Media (Thailand)
Social Movement Media (Philippines)
Suara Independen (Indonesia)
Third World Network (Malaysia)

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