[FoME] Consultants required: edutainment research in Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mi Dez 1 17:21:06 CET 2010

30th Nov 2010 
Short-term consultancy: Edutainment scoping research (mapping) in several African countries: Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Somalia and Egypt.
Oxfam Novib are looking for a number of consultants to assist them in a series of scoping studies -  researching edutainment in several African countries (Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Somalia and Egypt). The research will be used to inform part of a global programme aimed at promoting the use of entertainment for social change.

Potential consultants should have good C4D country knowlege as well as the following competencies: knowlege of edutainment and local media, experience in and knowledge of development issues, from a campaigning/ advocacy perspective and understanding of social change; preferably also knowledge of/links in the media world; good social skills: sensitive, respectful to differences (included gender, culture, religion, race, ethnic and age differences). 

It is envisaged that the ideal combination would be a 2 person team for research in each country; with one member being strong on local knowlege of the media and one with strong analytical and edutainment expertise. The consultancies should start this year but can be finalised in the first three to four months of 2011.  The consultancies will be around 15-20 days work. 

If you are interested in applying or have further questions please contact info at c4d.org. 

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