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Die Publikation zum vierten Symposium des "Forum Medien und Entwicklung" (FoME) liegt jetzt zum Download vor unter:

The symposium "Media on the Move: Migrants, Minorities and the Media" focused on migration and ethnic minority media coverage within Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and South-Eastern Europe. Special attention was paid to concrete experiences regarding the strengthening of ethnic and diversity media and the potentials as well as the limits of Diaspora media.

The contributions on "Migration and the Media" give concrete practical insights into how to inform effectively on migration issues (Marc Hulst), how to combine edutainment campaigns with social action (Seidy Salas) and how to advocate the rights of refugees (Damas Missanga, Myriam Horngren).

The inputs on "Media, Minorities and Diversity" elaborate the differences between Indonesian Diaspora and minority media (Edith Koesoemawiria), policies to prevent discrimination and stereotyping by a public service broadcaster (Fakir Hassen) and the relevance of media monitoring in enforcing ethical journalism standards (William Bird). On a conceptual level, lessons learnt on holistic donor strategies (Marie Struthers) and the media approach of the Council of Europe's antidiscrimination campaign (Reynald Blion) are discussed. The need for close cooperation between mainstream and ethnic diversity media was not only stressed in the two latter papers, but turned out to be a major common concern of the conference participants.

The "Potentials of Diaspora Media" are illustrated by two practical experiences and one research study. The work of the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) points out the effects of first hand visual TV images on international pressure on military regimes (Khin Maung Win), meanwhile the weekly newspaper The Zimbabwean uses a legal loophole to disseminate independent information within a closed society (Wilf Mbanga). A study on the Internet usage of migrants in Germany shows that a high percentage has become more involved and interested in political topics regarding their home and host countries (Kathrin Kissau)

Part I: Migration and the Media
A multi-media project in Georgia: Informed Migration
Marc Hulst
Radio Kwizera: Empowerment in a fragile region
Fr. Damas Missanga
Fostering social action through radio drama: Migration stories "from here and there"
Seidy Salas Viquez
The Radio 1812 project: Getting migration on air
Myriam N. Horngren
Part II: Media and Minorities and Diversity
SABC - Broadcasting in a diverse society: Equal or equitable?
Fakir Hassen
Media Monitoring Africa: How media monitoring can change the world
William Bird
Indonesian diaspora and minority media: Mirroring me daily
Edith Koesoemawiria
Approach-Models-Impact: Strategic support of Roma media initiatives
Marie Struthers
Europe's Ethnic & Diversity Media: Beyond mere visibility
Reynald Blion

Part III: Potentials of Diaspora Media
The Democratic Voice of Burma: Strategies of an exile media organisation
Khin Maung Win

The Zimbabwean: Local news from abroad
Wilf Mbanga
Online spheres of migrants in Germany: How and why migrants use the Internet
Kathrin Kissau

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