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CPRafrica : Looking back at a decade of communications reform: Looking  
forward to 2020

  The launch and first conference of CPRafrica will take place on  
19-21 April 2010,  Graduate School of Business, University of Cape  
Town Waterfront Campus, Cape Town, South Africa.
It is organised by Research ICT Africa in association with the   
Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform and Regulation,  
University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business and supported by  
the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC).

Communication Policy Research (Africa) intends to encourage  
intellectual endeavour and research in the area of ICT policy and  
regulation in Africa through the creation of a forum in which African  
academics and researchers can engage on and profile their research and  
contribute to global debates from an African perspective. The overall  
objective is to nurture policy intellectuals capable of informed and  
effective intervention in ICT policy and regulatory processes in  
specific country contexts.

The conference provides a forum for senior, junior and mid-career  
scholars to meet face-to-face and exchange ideas, network and improve  
the quality of their scholarly work. The long-term objective is to  
facilitate the fostering of the next generation of active scholars and  
local experts capable of contributing to good ICT policy and  
regulation in the region.

CPRafrica will offer researchers the opportunity to discuss their  
research on ICT regulation and policy in Africa and the South more  
generally, with a policy-oriented, international audience and obtain  
useful feedback.  The conference will include the celebration of the  
anniversary of the launch of the African Journal of Information &  
Communication 10 years ago, as the South African Journal of  
Information and Communication. A large number of the eminent members  
of the editorial board will be present to present papers and chair  


Drs Lishan Adam, Tracy Cohen,  James Hodge, Kammy Naidoo, Profs Arsene  
Kouadio and Tim Waema and Alison Gillwald
Advisors: Dr Rohan Samarajiva and Helani Galpaya (LIRNEasia) Prof Leo  
van Audenhove (EuroCPR).

The conference is designed to accommodate 21 paper presenters over the  
course of two and a half days, and the audience will be made up of 50  
scholars involved in the field of ICT policy and regulation, broadly  
defined, including 15 Young Scholars.

Abstracts for papers on ICT policy and regulation research carried out  
in Africa or relevant to Africa may be submitted for review and  
acceptance. Proposed sessions include:

• Convergence
• Content
• Comparative studies of ICT readiness
• Data and methods for research on ICTs
• Governance of ICT and ICT for governance
• Telecom/broadcasting policy
• Intellectual property rights
• Internet governance
• ICT markets and competition
• National and regional innovation systems
• Participation in ICTs: demand side studies
• Regulation: Spectrum allocation, interconnection, licenisng
• Policy: institutional arrangements, market structure, infrastructure  
• Market innovation, competition and disruption
• Telecom operator strategies in emerging economies

The actual program will depend on the papers received. The organisers  
reserve the right to combine topics and to not offer sessions for  
which sufficient high-quality submissions are not received.

Abstracts should be submitted to info at researchICTafrica.net by or  
before  15 September, 2009 and must contain the following:

• the title of the paper,
• your name and contact information,
• a 500-word abstract of the paper, and
• a  curriculum vita of no more than a page.

The document must be named CPRafrica_Abstract&Bio_YourLastName.

Notification of acceptance will be e-mailed on or before 30 November,  
2009 and authors will be given three months to submit their completed  
papers i.e.. full papers have to be submitted for final review by  
February 28, 2010. If full papers of acceptable quality are not  
received by the deadline, the paper may be relegated to the 'online- 
only' category.

Abstracts will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

• Clarity of the thesis or the research finding
• Novelty, significance, and importance to the CPRafrica community
• Adequacy of methods
• Quality of writing
• Appropriateness of interpretations

Please note: Only the authors whose papers that are delivered by the  
30 November, 2009 deadline AND who meet the quality standard will be  
allowed to present their papers at the conference and have their  
travel funded. Others may attend the event at their own expense or if  
they have applied for and satisfied the criteria for selection as  
Young Scholars.

Selected presenters will be provided with least-cost travel to and  
from Cape Town, accommodation and a per diem for the duration of the  
conference. All incidental costs will have to borne by the  
participants. Costs are being tightly controlled to accommodate as  
many participants as possible.

Deadline for abstracts: 15 September, 2009
Deadline for complete papers: 30 November, 2009
Feedback from Chairs and respondents: 30 January, 2010
Final papers: 28 February 2010

Fifteen Young Scholars from Africa will be selected to participate in  
the conference.

Applications should be submitted to info at researchICTafrica.net by or  
before 30 October, 2009 and must contain the following:

• a one-page curriculum vita that includes your contact information  
and the name and contact information of current supervisor or mentor,  
• a one-page write-up outlining why you wish to be an African based  
expert capable of contributing to ICT policy and regulatory reform in  
the region.

The document should be named CPRafrica_YoungScholar_YourLastName.

Notification of acceptance will be emailed on or before  15 December,  
2009, with instructions on travel arrangements.

Applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

• Content of application
• Evidence of interest in policy-relevant research for the Africa
• Quality of writing
• Gender and country representation

The selection committee may contact your supervisor or mentor before  
making the final selections.

Selected applicants will be provided with least-cost travel to and  
from Cape Town, twin-sharing accommodation and meals at the Waterfront  
campus Breakwater Hotel for the nights of the conference only. All  
incidental costs will have to borne by the participants. Costs are  
being tightly controlled to accommodate as many participants as  

Deadline for applications: 30 October, 2009

See www.researchICTafrica.net for updates.

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