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Community Media Sustainability Guide
Internews, 2009, 90 Seiten

Internews has launched a wide-ranging new guide addressing the
challenge of how to make community media financially sustainable in
countries around the world. "The Community Media Sustainability Guide:
The Business of Changing Lives" is a 81-page publication covering topics
such as incorporating new online platforms and using alternative energy
to power radio stations, all with an eye to keeping the doors open in a
sector not known for its profitability.

... In the guide, case studies of community media outlets and networks
include creative solutions to the perpetual problem of finding enough
funding to stay in business. For instance, Radio Madanpokhara in Nepal
effectively gains community support by asking listeners to donate the
equivalent of a handful of rice, while the Coffee Lifeline project in
Rwanda relies on partnerships with international groups to supply
agricultural news to coffee farmers. Meanwhile, Desi Radio, serving
London’s Punjabi community, thrives on a mixed business model that
includes selling advertising, conducting media trainings and hiring out
volunteers to dance at weddings.

... The publication was funded by a grant to Internews Network from the
US Agency for International Development via a subgrant from Pact. The
advisory committee, many of whom wrote sections of the guide, includes
community media experts Kate Conyer, Bruce Girard, Franklin Huizies,
Birgitte Jallov, Bill Siemering, and Ivan Sigal. (Internews Website,


Section 1:

- Community Media: Core Principles and Definitions
- It's Not Just About the Money: Approaches to Sustainability
- Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Stations
- Models of Sustainable Funding
- Business Models, Business Plans, and Community Media
- Making Donors Work For You
- How to Write a Successful Funding Proposal and Achieve Your Goals
- Getting Your Support to Media Right
- The Role of National Networks in Sustaining Community Media
- The Need for an Enabling Environment
- Community Research for Community Media Sustainability

Section 2:

- The Business of Changing Lives
- Work with What You Have
- You Cannot Put a Price on Community Involvement
- Keeping the Money Neutral
- Soweto's"NumberOne"Station
- Diverse Sources of Funding Keep the Five Rivers Flowing Strongly
- It's Your Baby, It Needs Food
- Sustainability Through Partnerships: A Lasting Cup of Coffee
- The Road from Community Service to Social Enterprise	
- Listener-Supported Public Radio in the United States
- Balancing Continued Aid with a Public Service Mission in a
Competitive Market
- Sustaining the Intercontinental Radio Communication System
- Peru's CNR: A Decentralized Network
- Small Towns Find a Voice Online
- Resources

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