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Public Sentinel: News Media and Governance Reform 
Edited by Pippa Norris
Paperback 440 pages
Published 2010 by World Bank
ISBN: 0-8213-8200-4 ISBN-13: 978-0-8213-8200-4
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Reforms are urgently needed to improve the responsiveness,
transparency, effectiveness, and accountability of governance
institutions so that public services work for the poor as well as the
rich. Within the broad context of the major issues facing the
international development community, this book focuses on the
performance of the news media as an institution in addressing these
challenges.A diverse and independent media sector can be an effective
way to increase government accountability and to benefit the poor by
enhancing their participation and dialogue.
This book approaches the issue of news media and governance with three
broad questions. First, a normative approach asks: What ideal roles
should media systems play to strengthen democratic governance and thus
bolster human development? Second, an empirical approach considers
independent evidence derived from cross-national comparisons and from
selected case studies asking: Under what conditions do media systems
actually succeed or fail to fulfill these objectives? Third, a strategic
approach asks: What policy interventions work most effectively to close
the substantial gap that exists between the democratic promise and
performance of the news media as an institution?
A wide range of development specialists from academia and practice
analyze these three questions, quote evidence, present case studies and
discuss recommendations for policy makers. In reply to the first
question, we identify three ideal roles of the news media: watchdog,
agenda setter, and gatekeeper in the public forum. The chapters in the
book examine how the news media function as an institution against these
ideal benchmarks, using systematic cross-national empirical analysis,
detailed selected case studies derived from a wide range of low- and
medium-income societies, as well as different types of regimes found in
all regions around the globe.

The solution: Policy recommendations In this edited volume, we conclude
that a substantial gap exists between the ideals that are widely
articulated in liberal democratic theory and the practices that are
commonly found in states around the world. This gap needs to be
addressed, and the book presents a wide range of effective policy
interventions and programs that can be implemented by national
stakeholders and the international community.
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