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Soeben ist eine Übersicht über die wichtigsten Förderstrukturen der
Medien-Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (MEZ) außerhalb der USA erschienen.
Die Darstellung ist nach Ländern - von "Arab States" bis "United
Kingdom" gegliedert, ergänzt durch die Medienförderung der Europäischen
Kommission, UNESCO und UNDP. In Anbetracht der recht verworrenen
Datenlage ist dieser Bericht trotz gelegentlicher Ungenauigkeiten und
Fehler ein hilfreicher Überblick vor allem über den Umfang der
Medienförderung (und weniger zur Qualität und/oder Effizienz der MEZ
Mary Myers:
Funding for media development by major donors outside the United
Washington DC: Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA), 2009,
64 S.
Zitat (aus "Overview", p.11-12):
In terms of actual aid disbursements, the European Commission is likely
to be the biggest single funder of media development projects outside
the United States. An approximate and conservative guess is that the EC
funded perhaps 200 media-related projects in 2008, at an average cost
per project of about $411,000 (€300,000), bringing the total to a
notional current commitment by the EC of about $82 million (€60 million)
worth of media-related projects (N.B. many of these are multi-year
programs). For comparison, we have more concrete figures from Sweden and
Norway—$30 million and $19 million on media support, respectively, in
2008—and a relatively good estimate from the Netherlands and Switzerland
of about $37 million and $29 million per year, respectively. We also
have a clear figure from UNESCO of $33 million on media support
activities—although this is for 2010-11. The United Kingdom and Germany
are probably large media donors too, but it is impossible to extract
definite figures without doing a meticulous and time-consuming audit of
their budget lines. Such is the partial picture for Western Europe.
China’s international media development efforts remain an enigma as it
is impossible to get such information from the Chinese government. The
nature of Japan’s investments in media infrastructure, while apparently
substantial, is also an open question and would require more research.
Zur Medienförderung der USA siehe u.a.:
Empowering independent media: U.S. efforts to foster free and
independent news around the world
Washington DC: Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA), 2008,
96 S.
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