[FoME] World Summit on Media for Children and Youth 2010

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Mi Dez 2 09:50:50 CET 2009

Vom 14.-18. Juni 2010 findet in Karlstad (Schweden) der World Summit on
Media for Children and Youth statt.
Es gibt bereits ein ausführliches vorläufiges Programm:
Von der Website, des Gipfels, http://www.wskarlstad2010.se/ :
World Summits are held every three years and provide a forum for
producers, broadcasters and regulators of media for children and other
professionals and community leaders committed to the improvement of
quality media for children.
The objectives of World Summit on Media for Children and Youth are:
=> To achieve a greater understanding of developments in children’s
media around the world.
=> To raise the status of children’s media.
=> To draw to the attention of key players in broadcasting the
importance of issues relating to children.
=>  To promote a charter of guiding principles in children’s media.
=> To ensure the provision of programs for children will be guaranteed
as the communication revolution proceeds.
=>  To assist in the developing world to provide opportunities for
quality children’s media in the future.


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